Workshops and Training: For individuals, therapists and businesses

Well-being, emotional health or mental health – whichever phrase you prefer – it's the critical underpinning to all our endeavours. How far we go as individuals, organisations and societies is dependent on our emotional literacy, intelligence and agility.

Through the many workshops and training programmes, I teach people the principles of:

  • what it means to be human
  • what drives our behaviour
  • why we become stressed and unwell
  • how to regain and sustain our health with strategies and tools to help us handle the natural turbulence of life. 

Over the past 35 years, I have worked with businesses, veterinary practices, teachers, outreach workers, students, psychologists, therapists, coaches, musicians and artists. 



Build your resilience with
The Mindful Self-Compassion Course

Autumn - WINTER 2017

Join Dr. Julia Ronder and me on this eight-week course (Monday evenings) to learn how to practice Mindful Self-Compassion: to motivate and treat yourself with kindness – rather than criticism and judgement.

N.B. The link above will take you to Dr. Julia Ronder's (co-facilitator) website where you can find out more and apply for the course. 


How to help yourself and others manage ANGER successfully

Saturday 23rd SEPTEMBER 2017  
Regent's College, London

A one-day CPD workshop for therapists, coaches and health professionals interested in truly comprehending and helping others to deal with this most misunderstood of our human emotions.

N.B. Early Bird Special Price applies
if you book before 1st August.

Calm the Chaos of The Creative Mind for Therapists

SATURDAY 4th november 2017
Regent's College, London

Creative adults often fall far short of fulfilling their potential as they struggle with anxiety, stress, depression, addiction and the shame of it all. 

This workshop gives an opportunity to consider more fully what ‘creativity’ means – as well as how to recognise your right-brain creative clients more quickly, as well as their common vulnerabilities.

N.B. Early Bird Special Price applies
if you book before 29th September.


Thrive and Grow at Work is a practical and interactive stress management and self-development programme, based on the latest science of how to cope with the exploding demands of our fast-paced modern life.